Thursday, September 05, 2013

Lakeside Circus Call for Submissions

Because I have it on good authority that Dagan Books and editor-in-chief Carrie Cuinn make a decent cup of coffee and have a copy of a certain manilla envelope with incrimina... with very interesting photographs, I have been persuaded to give their latest venture, Lakeside Circus a great shoutout as they issue their call for submissions for their debut issue. The initial conception of the journal is:
Lakeside Circus is a short-form speculative fiction magazine, published quarterly by Dagan Books, LLC. Beginning late in 2013, we will produce the magazine for sale in multiple ebook formats, and then release most of the content online over the course of three months (free to read). Readers can subscribe, purchase the individual ebooks, or wait for the free content to appear on our site.
They are accepting speculative poetry, although not the literary equivalent of a Vogon interpretation of Pink Flamingos. Well, maybe a Vogon Pink Flamingos, but it has to be audacious. The guidelines for submission can be found here:

For my poet colleagues who don't have time to plow through the blather, they're looking for: "Any length. We want lyrical work, lovely word choices; bonus points for interesting forms (hainteny, thanbauk, cobla esparsa, carmen, or villanelle… surprise us!). We’re not big fans of prose poetry–the work has to read like poetry, not a short story with line breaks in it. Speculative elements have to be identifiable, but otherwise the range is anything from hard SF to genre-bending, interstitial, magic realism."

Have at it, then!

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