Friday, September 13, 2013

Journal of Lao Studies volume 4 released

The Journal of Lao Studies (JLS), published by the Center for Lao Studies, is now at its fourth volume. The Journal of Lao Studies' latest issue is available to CLS members only. This issue's new articles include:

"Research Essays A Study of Mo Yao Healers: Traditional health care of ethnic Phutai in Northeast Thailand," by THANYALAK CHAIYASOUK MOLLERUP and PREEYAWAN KANWITTAYEE

"Introducing Multilingual Thai-Isan-English Signage in a Thai University," by JOHN DRAPER

"Ethnographic Snapshots: Field Perspectives on the Transformation of Northern Laos Between 1994 and 2008" by STEVE AROUNSACK

"Evaluation of Official Development Assistance Projects Implemented in Laos by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, and Korea International Cooperation Agency using the Millennium Development Goals as Indices," by YONGSEOK NOH and KAZUO WATANABE

"Cultural Landscape of the Urban Community of Vang Vieng in the Context of Tourism,"

Book Reviews for this issue include:

Singh, Sarinda. Natural Potency and Political Power: Forests and State Authority in Contemporary Laos. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 2012, reviewed by IAN G. BAIRD

Pholsena, Vatthana. Laos - Un Pays en Mutation. Paris: Editions Belin 2011, reviewed by OLIVER TAPPE.

Halpern, Joel Martin. Portraits of 1957 Laos: Historic Photographs by . Luang Prabang, Lao PDR: Big Brother Mouse, 2010, reviewed by JONATHAN H.X. LEE.

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