Monday, February 27, 2017

Logan opens this week, March 3rd.

Logan opens this week, marking the likely last film for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in what has been frankly a very uneven franchise, although I found his later performances increasingly spot-on, and this trailer seems to finally get some of the best of what has made the Wolverine character so appealing for all of these decades for my generation. It looks tighter, and more intimate, and Logan's loneliness and tragedy is palpable, and the movie seems unafraid to explore that. 

Over the years, they've had difficulty exploring the Logan who can laugh and love, and of course, I remain angry at the treatment of the Omega Red character and Jubilee in the series, but that's a post for a different day. I'm reposting the trailer just to remind myself how much I've been looking forward to this, even if we must consider it a very loose interpretation of the character. 

I do hope he gets to come back in a Deadpool installment at some point, though. 

"Boy, imagine how different the series would have been
if those casting directors hadn't been so blind."

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