Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ice Fantasy: Lord of the Rings meets Chinese drama?

Recently, Dramafever has been making an effort to draw attention to a new Chinese drama they're streaming entitled Ice Fantasy. They've been positioning it as a question of what would have happened if Lord of the Rings had been written from an Asian perspective.

Dramafever is also making note of the fact that the source material was written by a 19-year old back in 2002. The article spares no enthusiasm for the author, Guo Jingming, praising his early accomplishment as a poet as well as his significant wealth and work in film and TV.

Here's the trailer where you can get a sense of what he's trying to do with this work. The trailer sees to cover many of the classic fantasy tropes, but we'll see if Guo Jingming is able to successfully bring some new dimensions to the fantasy field with a C-Drama adaptation. I suspect it won't go toe-to-toe with Game of Thrones, but it may well be a series that deserves to find an audience, given the epic traditions of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and so many others in China's past.

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