Friday, July 29, 2016

Mithila Review explores the futuristic and the fantastic

A new Asian-based journal of speculative literature has emerged, the Mithila Review, which debuted in March, 2016 and is currently on its fourth issue. Each issue has contained a variety of short fiction, poetry, interviews and artworks with a very high standard of quality for such a young publication. 

Among the poets in the premiere issue were two of my favorites, Shweta Narayan and Shveta Thakrar. I was also introduced to the poetic work of Rohan Chhetri, Shikha Malaviya, and Ajapa Sharma. 

I have the highest confidence in them as they go forward that they'll be able to maintain this level of excellence. I applaud their ambition in bringing speculative literature forward in their communities. In the present age, we need a greater number of publications that can more effectively meet the needs of our communities, providing a space for diverse voices and visions.

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