Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Poetry E-books

I have a number of free e-books scattered around the web. But to make things easier, here are the locations for several of them:

Between Souls:
This is my most recent short collection of poems connected to the Lao experience around the world, along with a bibliography and some biographical information.

Tanon Sai Jai: is a full-length, 2009 collection of poems including a photopoetic essay on Laomerica. It is also available in a bound and printed edition.

On The Other Side Of The Eye: was my first full-length collection in 2007, with a foreword by Barbara Jane Reyes.  It is a book of speculative poetry from a Laotian American experience, drawing on both the history of Laos and the themes and techniques of science fiction, horror and fantasy. Currently out of print, this e-book version was a pre-publication version stored at for scholarly purposes. There are a few differences between this version and the print edition.

Touching Detonations: was the first e-book to emerge from my first trip to Laos in 30 years in 2003. It also collects many of my initial poems written in response to the continuing challenge of UXO still leftover in Laos after nearly 40 years.

They should be compatible with any e-reader that can read pdfs. Enjoy!

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