Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chinese drivers try to deter high-beamers with scary reflective decals

Regular readers of On The Other Side Of The Eye know I couldn't pass this one up. Making the rounds this week: "Chinese drivers try to deter high-beamers with scary reflective decals."  Because of course they are.

Over at Mashable, Victoria Ho is reporting that apparently in a frustrated effort to dissuade bad drivers from using their high-beams while driving at night behind other cars, drivers are now installing ghost-inspired decals in their back windows. When the high-beams hit the decals, they reveal a horrifying ghost in the Asian traditions, similar to what we've seen in Ju-On, the Ring, and other classics of the genre, but which also stretch back centuries in Asian art and folklore.

The stickers apparently go for approximately $3-$18. Alas, insurance liability issues and trigger-happy Americans oblige me to suggest not picking up a set for your car in the US. 

Victoria Ho does also point out there is at least one sticker that's more direct:

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