Thursday, November 17, 2016

Scientists Find Evidence of Cyclopean Ocean Beneath Pluto's Heart

Making the rounds in the news this week, scientists published two papers that postulate the planet Pluto might have a hidden ocean beneath the frozen surface of its heart-shaped central plain, a region estimated to contain as much water as all of Earth’s seas.

This is discussed in greater detail in two papers published in Nature.  This "adds Pluto to a growing list of worlds in the solar system beyond Earth believed to have underground oceans, some of which potentially could be habitats for life."

Given how the rest of the year has been going, accidentally awakening a Great Old One seems like a perfect way to close out 2016. Meanwhile, "After thousands of years, Earth's frozen life forms are waking up." Well, what could possibly go wrong?

This ought to be worth a poem or two, gang.

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