Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanks, H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society!

As a member of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, I think that does come with some responsibilities even as we have a great deal of fun exploring and debating the various merits and horrors involved with an appreciation of his work as a writer. One of those is getting new stamps that come from keeping the Society updated about changes in address or dimensions, and whether or not you've engaged in particular acts of scholarship, etc. So do remember to keep them informed.

I happen to be a lifetime member, so that comes with a nifty Shoggohyde wallet with which to keep my various stamps, records and whatnot in order.

In the meantime, I would happily turn your attention to some of the new items the Society has come into possession of, including a curious Cthulhu fetish from regions unknown, recently.

Of course, the Tooth of Dagon continues to be an object of great interest worth consideration if one has the means,inscribed with its curious imagery hinting of the horror of antiquity. Fellow members might well inquire to the relationship of the Esoteric Order of Dagon to other societies and their cultural practices in the Pacific Rim, but also further inland near the Plateau of Leng.

Also meriting some inquiry: The year after the discovery of the Mayan ruins of El Caracol in British Honduras in 1938, a team from Miskatonic University visited the site. In addition to excavating a number of interesting artifacts, the team made a casting from a stela with a carving of a very unusual figure referred to by the local guide as "El Profundo" accompanied by Mayan hieroglyphics.

My commendations to all of the scholars who are continuing their diligent research, even as we make preparations to examine new sites discovered in Southeast Asia that seem relevant to conversations regarding the Great Old Ones. I am personally preparing a new monograph regarding the fabled "Three Gates." In particular I'm examining the rumors of connections to the Space Kraken Ya-Sothoth, the cult of Nyar, as well as the fate of one Keziah Mason during the early years of American history in Lovecraft country with the assistance of some researchers with Miskatonic University. 

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