Friday, November 18, 2016

Lao Horror film maker Mattie Do featured on NBC

Lao Horror in the news on NBC: As Laos' First Female Filmmaker, Mattie Do Shows What's 'Behind the Doors'. That's a pretty cool feat.

Like I've said before, I'm immensely proud of her and all of the works she's done, even as so much more is ahead of her. May we all be so bold in our art and reach the best within us. And occasionally scare the crap out of ourselves in the FUN way.

Per her IMDB bio: 
"Born in Los Angeles to recent immigrant parents who left during the communist revolution in Laos, Mattie Do returned to Vientiane in 2010 with her husband and whippet to take care of her retired father. Noting that Lao-language films were scarce and that few featured strong female protagonists or stories, she became determined to make a feature film. 

At the time, Laos had no functioning filmmaking infrastructure and only one cinema in the capital city. Mattie uses horror and supernatural storytelling to convey messages about women's roles and delicate social issues. In 2012, Mattie debuted her film, "Chanthaly", at the Luang Prabang International Film Festival. The film has since become the first Lao film to screen at major festivals in America and Europe. 

 Mattie is the first Lao woman to direct a feature film."

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