Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sriracha-themed Lexus IS

As someone who's taken multiple tours of the Sriracha factory in Irwindale, CA, of course I would share this story about the new Sriracha-themed Lexus IS that debuted at the Los Angeles Autoshow. The trunk full of sriracha certainly sells it for me, though I'm deeply disappointed at all of the haters out there who can't seem to have fun with the concept. But so it goes!

The red paint used for this car even has sriracha mixed in it, so they really went all-out to follow through on the concept. The climate control goes all of the way up to "Sriracha Hot." Even the key fob dispenses sriracha.

Unfortunately, there are no reports that suggest this car will go into full production, but if it did, and I had that kind of money, I'd certainly buy it.

The hamster wheel now spins about how we might make other Southeast Asian-themed cars for our community. The Padaek Porsche is probably a no-go, but surely we need a Laombhergini!

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