Saturday, December 10, 2016

2016 Fantasy and Science Fiction Eligibility Posts

The wonderful Cat Rambo put together a pretty good list so far of eligibility posts among the Science Fiction and Fantasy fields, as well as among our poets. These posts serve to consolidate the various publications particular authors have been featured in over the course of the year in one spot. The ever effervescent A.C. Wise also gives us a good roundup of places to find amazing work, as well.

Especially as a speculative poet, it can be difficult to expect our readers to track down the dozens of disparate spaces we might have appeared, from small zines to major print-only publications. This will obviously be an ongoing list, but it's better sooner, rather than later for us to have someplace to start with. 

For poets who are members of the SFPA, you can of course go back to our member news recaps, but that feature got fired up again only recently, so we have listings primarily from SummerOctober, and November. We'll still need to look at the various journals who've published the work of non-SFPA poets both within our field and beyond.  

In no uncertain terms, as the President of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, I encourage my fellow SFPA members to put together their posts, especially for works eligible for the Rhyslings, Dwarf Stars and Elgin Awards. 

Here then is an adapted recap of the signal boost Cat Rambo provided for writers who've already posted their 2016 lists. Congratulations to all of them, and I look forward to reading many of these!

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