Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Thai Trisaksri Ghost Repellent Device: $1,500

Still going strong after 7 years: In Thailand, Boondee Workshop continues to offer the Trisaksri Ghost Repellent device for approximately $1,500 plus $140 for U.S. shipping, depending on the exchange rate at the time. In fact, they're on their new and improved model.

It would be a matter of some dispute about how effective this device is for ghosts and phi outside of Thailand, I suspect. Does it affect poltergeists or redcaps? Is it good for banshee or corporeal undead? They've been selling this since 2009, with many technologists doubting its effectiveness and disparaging the high cost, which seems perfectly reasonable. This is one of those devices where one is hard-pressed to prove it doesn't work.

"Do you see a ghost here?"


"Good, keep it plugged in, it's working fine."


"Do you want to take the risk of returning it to find out it was working all of this time? If you bought it in the first place, you really need this. You THINK you don't need it now, but do you really want to take a chance?"

And dissatisfied customers are going to either fall into the category of people whom the ghosts take care of anyway, so they won't be coming around to complain. Or else the humiliation of asking for a refund from a guy who sold you a box of wires and circuit boards to chase off a ghost for over $1,5000 will make most people just write it off.

I wonder how competitive this niche industry is. Is there's someone who's selling an even cheaper but slightly less effective device, or counterfeit versions? "You should only trust genuine Boondee Workshop ghost repellent for your peace of mind and personal safety! Accept no substitutes!" or something like that.

They certainly make the compelling pitch:
"You or someone may have experience with ghost or devil after bought new second hand house from the former owner. Some houses may have bad spirit inside which will interfere your daily life unhappy and frighten your children. Finally many of you leave away the house and find a new home. We have a solution for you, "Trisaksri Ghost Repeller". Just place this device in side your house and switch ON. All ghost and devil will leave away your home and won't come back again. Now who run away, You or ghost? Save money in finding a new home."

Why would you take the chance? Over in Thailand and Southeast Asia, as we've pointed out, there are certainly tons of ghosts, spirits, and other entities you don't want to be messing around with if there's a simple solution to get rid of them.

"For god's sake Boonmee, I told you to get a Trisaksri!"

Overall, it's a interesting point in time to see how our communities in Southeast Asia are trying to turn towards technologically-centered solutions beyond the more conventional mor phi, Taoist or Buddhist rituals and traditions. I wonder if their primary customers are going for an all-technology solution or mixed methods.

In theory, the device takes "inaudible" and visual readings, and gauges EMF disturbances. If there's an improper anomaly, emits an appropriate radio wave that is reputed to kill ghosts or drive them off. It's unclear if this is a ward or actually destroys the ghosts.

This brings up an interesting conversation on the karmic propriety of such actions and who's accountable. Does it affect other entities as well? How does it differentiate from friendly phi or other benevolent spirits? Or is the assumption that friendly phi would be polite and not be bothering you in the first place.

I wonder if it might be more effective if you double it up with a Boo Buddy interactive ghost hunting bear. The hamster wheel spins. In any case, if you do find yourself with indisputable proof that your Triaksri Ghost Repellent device works, let us all know.

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