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SFPA Members' Activities Round Up: December, 2016

We have some exciting announcements from many of our members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association this month, including three new books, a variety of convention appearances, articles, and other distinctive achievements. My congratulations to everyone, and a special thanks to Michael H. Payne for taking the time to put together the list and all of the links that go with it.

As always, it's appreciated if you share these with your readers and fellow writers on your blogs, podcasts, etc. in part or in full because it helps us to create a good working record of the creative efforts of our members and to help newer poets find places to find writers they admire, and perhaps to submit work themselves. Keep in great spirits! David C. Kopaska-Merkel
poems, various, daily poems in my blog
poem, untitled haiku,, Nov. 23, 2016

Geoffrey Landis
three poems: “Three things invisible,” “Orpheus,” and "Imbued, Resonance, Rendering,” reprinted in the anthology Liminal Time, Liminal Space: Exploring the Worlds Between, Between the Lines Publishing, November 2016

Ken Poyner
poetry collection, The Book of Robot, genre, print, Nov 15, 2016, Barking Moose Press

poem, “The Necromancer’s Maid”, genre, web, HelloHorror, vol. 4, issue 20,  Oct 31, 2016

Bruce Boston
poetry collection, Brief Encounters with My Third Eye: Selected Short Poems 1975-2016, Crystal Lake Publishing, Nov. 2016

David Lee Summers
6 poems: "bright moonglow obscures", "Skinwalker transforms", "mystic pentagram", "sudden thunderstorm", "werewolf chases dogs", and "dead jackrabbit glares".  Lupine Lunes, November 2016

Shannon Connor Winward
poem, "Come Kali" (genre), The Dark Ones: Shadow Gods Anthology (print), Bibliotheca Alexandrina, November 2016

Karen Bovenmyer
poem, “Red State: Blue Heart,” The Skinny Poetry Journal, November 17, 2016
poem, “Broken Tractor Sonnet,” Off the Coast: Maine’s International Poetry Journal, Fall 2016

Michael H. Payne
poem, "Dissociative Fugue," winner, 106th Weekly Poetry Contest,, Nov. 14th-21st, 2016

James Dorr
essay, print, "It Begins With the Sound," Illumen, Autumn 2016
poem, print, "Her First Time," Bloodbond, November 2016

Elizabeth Barrette
poems, half-price sale in Shiv's thread of Polychrome Heroics, The Wordsmith's Forge

Wendy Rathbone
poetry book, Dead Starships, Eye Scry Publications, November 2016

Mary Soon Lee
poem, "Pestilence," Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 11/11/2016

poem, non-genre, print+pdf, "For My Life," The Violet Hour #1.2, Nov. 7, 2016

interview conducted by Terrie Leigh Relf, A Day in the Life Interview Series, November 2016

interview conducted by Simona Grigorova, Poetry Nook, November 2016

Josh Brown
poem, "Stardust," Illumen 25, Alban Lake, Autumn 2016

poem, "circuits for a brain," Scifaikuest 54, Alban Lake, November 2016

Diane Severson Mori
review, “Poetry - Eye to the Telescope “Ghosts””, Amazing Stories, Nov. 2, 2016

Robert Borski
6 poems, "Versipel," "Hair of the Dog Who Bit Me (I)," "Hair of the Dog Who Bit Me (II)," "She-Wolf Fashion" (reprint), "Chupacabra Hoax Revealed," "The Starlet Who Married a Monster," Lupine Lunes, Popcorn Press, November 2016

Mark Childs
poem “First Contact,” Space and Time Magazine #127, Winter 2016

Robin Wyatt Dunn
poem, "I am never alone when I am with you" in Doorknobs & Bodypaint, Issue #84, All Saints, November 29, 2016

reprint, poem "Office Party" in the 2017 Literary Review Date Book, from Scars Publications, November 26, 2016

poem, "I am a wizard" at In Between Hangovers, November 23, 2016

poems, translated into Albanian by Irsa Ruçi, "Unë nuk kam marrë"(I ain't got) and "Lëmshi përkujdesjes" (Tender tangle), International Poetry 16, November 23, 2016

poem, "Death, my old friend" in 1947 Journal, November 21, 2016

poem, "Break me" in Your One Phone Call, November 19, 2016

poem, "now and I’ll find the sound" in 1947 Journal, November 12, 2016

poem, "I am Here Dreaming" at In Between Hangovers, November 2, 2016

Herb Kauderer
article "Zappai versus Haiku" and 2 poems, both untitled, in Scifaikuest November 2016 print

4 poems, "telescope", "his world is not round", "[untitled] flower in her hair", "unstoppable florce" in Scifaikuest November 2016 online

featured poetry reading at SF Contario in Toronto on November 20.

Ashley Dioses
poetry article, "Coffee with Frankenstein and Dracula," Self Promo Stories: Authors' Cleverest Strategies to Sell their Books, Smashwords, November 2016

Akua Lezli Hope
poem, “Betty Carter,” The Poeming Pigeon: Poems About Music,Volume 2, Issue 2, Fall 2016

poem, "Ink" ,Yellow Chair Review, Horror Issue, October 2016

Michael McCormick
poem, “Marigje”, Fickle Muses, October 2016

poem, "Wounded Sky", Electric Haiga, June 2016

Vince Gotera
3 poems (horror), "Aswang Love: Clara's Rhapsody," "Aswang Peril: Santiago's Rescue," "Aswang Honeymoon at the Golden Gate," Spirit's Tincture, Issue 2, 30 November 2016

F.J. Bergmann
poem, print, "Jubilee," Apex Magazine May 2016

2 poems, print, "Kisses on Both Cheeks" and "Shaded, Coiled," Forklift, Ohio #32

poem, print, "Mutiny," Jet Fuel Review

poem, print, "Goose Pond," American Chordata

2 poems, print, "Antagonist" and "R’lyeh," Spectral Realms 5

poem, "Contents of a Sealed Trunk found on an Abandoned Ship," with David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Polu Texni 3/7/16

poem, non-genre, "Nature Morte," Grievous Angel

poem, non-genre "Vodka over Ice," One Sentence Poems

poem, non-genre, "Times Three," Helen

poem, print, "The End," Dreams & Nightmares 103, Pushcart Prize nomination

poem, print, "Further," Lovecraft ezine 38

poem, non-genre, "Sonnet from the Portuguese," Uut Poetry

poems, print, "Gender Tolerance" and "Shore," Dreams & Nightmares 104

poem, "How Far Does Night Have to Fall," Future Fire

poem, "Supernatural Seduction,"  Twisted Moon

poems, "Foreseeable Future," and "Invisible Stigmata," Futures Trading 4.3

Speculative poetry workshop at Diversicon, St. Paul, MN, July 31, 2016 and participated in Rhysling Anthology reading.

Wendy Van Camp
5 poems and illustrations, "KIC 8462852",  "Dyson Ring", "Abandoned Sphere", "Exoskeleton", "Genes", Quantum Visions 5, November 2016

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