Monday, December 19, 2016

Happy 20 years, Chic-A-Go-Go!

Ten years ago, I interviewed emerging Chicago actress, comedienne and entertainer Mia Park for Tripmaster Monkey Magazine on her work and process. Alas, that interview has been lost among the sands of time and the internet, but one of the most distinctive parts of the interview was her gig she'd been doing for 10 years on a show called Chic-A-Go-Go with her co-host Ratso, a rat puppet, naturally. I was delighted to see they're still going strong and celebrating 20 years this year!

As she points out:
"Since its 1996 debut, CHIC-A-GO-GO has been one of the most original and entertaining shows on Chicago television. Drawing from legendary dance programs like Soul Train and American Bandstand, as well as Chicago's own 1960s shows Kiddie-A-Go-Goand Red Hot and Blues, CHIC-A-GO-GO combines classic TV entertainment with an original, quirky style. 

And unlike its dance show ancestors, CHIC-A-GO-GO takes advantage of its non-commercial home on the Chicago Access Network to create a diverse TV world that does not have to focus on a single demographic. People of all ages, colors, and backgrounds, linked by their love of music, dance together in harmony on the CHIC-A-GO-GO set. The dancers, who range in age from newborns to youthful seniors, move to the latest Hip Hop music, as well as classic R&B, Rock & Roll, Punk, Funk, and all points in between."

So here's to Chic-A-Go-Go, and hoping that they keep going strong for another 20!

Mia's pretty badass, and her bio these days goes:
"Mia Park shares her passion and advocacy for self-awareness through acting, teaching yoga, writing and volunteering. Mia has lived in Chicago for over twenty years and calls this city that works her home.  
Mia began professionally acting in 1997 hosting the Chicago cable TV access dance show Chic-A-Go-Go. Her acting career has brought her on stage, in film, on television and on the radio. She loves sharing stories and life experiences through different character perspectives.  
Yoga became an immediate passion for Mia during her first class in 2002. Teaching since 2006, Mia is grateful for this transformative and healing practice.  
Music is Mia's fist love and she's played drums and sang in many Chicago bands. She produces and performs in an annual rock music fund raiser called "Covers for Cover" benefitting women's organizations. 
Communicating effectively is important to Mia. She writes for Yoga Chicago Magazine, Ascene Chicago, and is playwriting. Mia also consults in digital communications, assisting clients to share their message in an authentic, engaging way. Mia was the only Asian American journalist from Illinois to attend the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  
 Dedicated to serving the community, Mia is a Domestic Violence Advocate and has volunteered at the domestic violence center KAN-WIN for almost 20 years. She also volunteers at the Cook County Department of Correction where she's been teaching prenatal yoga since 2010.  
​Mia lives in grateful amazement of the endless possibilities in life. She is committed to experiencing the world with agency while sharing her love of learning with hope and optimism."
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