Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lao American Indiegogo Campaign: Kohk and Sahk, Authentic Lao American cuisine

Something new this month: Kohk and Sahk wants to bring authentic Lao American cuisine to the community and needs your help to raise $12K to take their emerging business to the next level!

I was very impressed talking to Thip Soulisak, the vision behind the company, who understands the need for Lao-owned small businesses and the benefits to our economy nationwide if he succeeds. Of course, they could use a lot more than $12K, but this is enough to help them scale up and make their dreams a reality in this phase.

As with any crowdfunding effort there is some risk involved, but Thip Soulisak is pretty savvy and has been involved with the community for many years, and is approaching this professionally and responsibly.

But take a look, and if you can throw in $20 or $100 or just help spread the word, it would really make a difference for them!

Here's a haiku, just for them:

Kohk and Sahk, saep lai
An ocean away from Laos,
 Dreams brought together.

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