Thursday, January 08, 2015

[Poem] Spaces

Maybe we have been
Going about it all wrong,
So tied to our bodies,
The bits that can be

We should have embraced
What endures between
This flesh slush, our real
Center in a                  cosmos.

Aspects of the infinite transient,
Subatomic, more unspeakable
Than a glimpse of
                              the true Tao.

After a sip of instant coffee
I text Ajahn Anan in his wat
With a sabaidee
                          and my query.

He doesn't know how to type
"Nothing" in Lao with the keyboard he has
But tells me "Don't Worry."

"Every day it's morning somewhere,
And midnight somewhere.
You just need to meditate
Where you are.
                           Good luck."

I read a book of monsters and wait for noon.

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