Wednesday, January 21, 2015

[Poem] Secrets of Lao Super Science

It's a badly kept secret Ajahn Dao's equation
Rivals E=mc2, relatively speaking, at least in Vientiane.

It's marginally less frustrating than Fermat's last theorem
But certainly goes beyond that mathematical python a2 + b2 = c2

It won't upset economies like Dr. Li's Gaussian copula function
Of  Pr[TA < 1,TB< 1] = Φ2 (Φ-1(FA (1)), Φ-1(FB(1)),γ) (1)
And it's more useful than C33H36N4O6, depending on the occasion.

They don't call him mad, but they don't talk of Nobels
Or other august nominations for his innovation. 

It's uncertain if we'll remember him with Heisenberg,
Or poor Wolfgang Pauli, but science is so rarely
A song of right or wrong, or Feynman poetry

Where our cosmos is a saga in a cistern of lao lao
More than my glass of red wine by a primal corner
Of the Mekong, dreaming of you,

A stem on an ancient Bodhi tree that might grow
Into a beam for a house, a toothpick for a sage,
A castle for a beauty from another star

Who will never appreciate the mysteries of AI,
The circuits we connected, the lives we launched

One strange question, one long laugh,
One lucky cat in a dangerous box
At a time

When no one was looking. 

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