Tuesday, January 27, 2015

[Poem] The Kinnaly and The Apple

Pondering our memories,
Our next exploration,
Many eternities, many opportunities unfold, rousing you.

One begins seeking everything, recovering voices, enchantment.
Uniting nations in questioning ultimate expression,
There is myth, escapades, survival
Among myriad oddities notably growing.
Maybe awakening near you
A reason to inspire something truly special.

Kinnaly navigating our worlds investigating, nobly greet
Heroic endeavors, arrange riddles teaching
A purpose profound, reasons orchestrating a change, hope,
Mysterious elegance leads our dance youthfully.
Performances reveal our fortune of unique nascent destinies.
Rising, every ajahn's lessons inspire zestful energy
Among children, homes inviting, excellent villages embracing
Dreams, a nocturnal chance encounter.
Inquiring novices seek perspective involving reality's enigmas.
Truth rewards us through hearing:
Home exists, really, everywhere.

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