Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2011 Distinguished Raven Forward Air Controller Scholarships

The Edgar Allen Poe Literary Society (also known as the Raven Forward Air Controllers) recently announced the winners of  their 2011 Distinguished Raven Scholarships:

John Davidson Memorial Scholarship ($2,267 + $500 performance bonus)
Na Lee Thao
St Paul, MN

Hal Mischler Memorial Scholarship ($1,500)
Kue Chang
Oroville, CA

Paul Jackson Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Karalina B Vue
Minneapolis, MN

Sam Deichelmann Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Sally Hang
Eureka, CA

Marlin Siegwalt Memorial Scholarship ($1,000)
Billy Vang
Marysville, CA

Charles Ballou Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Bruce Lee
Sheboygan, WI

Hoss McBride Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Deborah Kang Vang
Oroville, CA

Joseph Bush Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Panny Xiong
St Paul, MN

John Bach Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Mee Xiong
St Paul, MN

Dan Davis Memorial Scholarship  ($500)
Lee Vong Yang
Marysville, CA

The Distinguished Raven FAC Memorial Scholarship is an award presented annually to a qualifying descendent of a Lao or Lao-Hmong individual who served in the Royal Laotian Military or Hmong forces in defense of the Kingdom of Laos between 1960 and 1975.

The scholarship is sponsored and administered by the Edgar Allen Poe Literary Society (EAPLS).    EAPLS is a non-profit, last-man, veteran organization consisting of Forward Air Controllers (FACs) who lived in Laos, flew under the call sign "Raven" or its predecessor "Butterfly", and supported Laotian and Hmong forces during the Southeast Asia conflict between 1966 and 1973.  The award is presented in memory of those Ravens, now deceased, who served and sacrificed that others may be free and prosper.

This scholarship is meant to provide educational assistance to the descendants of those who served so ably alongside the Ravens in the defense of their country.  This assistance is intended to enable the individual to further their education and to reward the qualities that the Ravens and Laotian forces admire.  The funds are provided to assist with tuition, lab fees, books, and other direct educational expenses.

A big congratulations to all of the winners and their families as their children go on to college!

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