Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lao Steampunk Sundays!

Thanks to everyone who's been providing great feedback on what would happen if Lao and Lao American writers took on the genre of steampunk. There are enough interesting angles that for the rest of the year, I'll be committing at least a few of the Sunday entries for On The Other Side Of The Eye to different topics connected to Steampunk, and what aspects might be of particular interest for writers' work centered from a Lao perspective.

This recent video about an upcoming documentary on Steampunk helps explain what the attraction has been for many communities:

An initial resource to the wider world of emerging Southeast Asian role-playing, steampunk, fantasy and other topics, I would happily turn readers towards Hari Ragat Games and their blog at As a Filipino, the blog's author has an earnest desire to break the pattern of ‘Asia ends at Japan and China’ in mainstream roleplaying games. And a lot of those goals intersect with my own work with Lao American speculative literature and the various genres that might fall under this umbrella.

His recent entry is a great introduction for those just starting to read his blog.

Beyond Victoriana will also be another blog I'd recommend writers examine for added perspective on Steampunk and broadening the potential and visions of what steampunk can be. Of course, I'd happily receive recommendations for sites and resources that may be of interest for Lao writers working on steampunk topics.

I would also add in as another great place to see how similar ideas are percolating. A big thanks to them for providing a great preliminary reading list for us to consider. I'm looking forward to seeing more emerge in the future.

 Again, thanks, everyone for your input and I look forward to continuing this discussion with you.

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