Monday, September 26, 2011

[Lao Fish of the Day] Pa Va

The Pa Va is also known as the Labeo Dyocheilus, or the Lotus Fish, the Pla Bua, Boalla and Heel-Gorya. 

In Laos, it reaches a maximum length of 45cm although accounts in Luang Prabang suggest this carp can grow even bigger. It's common in the Himilayas and is well-known in India, where it can grow up to a meter.  The Pa Va spawns around July to August. 

They provide good thick fillets, and good for a soup dish known as Keng Som Houa Pa Va Sai Het Sed, and a dish known as Sa Ton Pa Va, a fish salad that works best with a female fish and its roe. 

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