Friday, September 23, 2011

[Lao Fish of the Day] Pa Kouang

The Pa Kouang goes by many names, and is an unusual fish because it's a freshwater variant of a species that's normally found in the oceans. 

It's found particularly abundant in the Ton Le Sap of Cambodia, and swims as far up as Luang Prabang and places in between. The Pa Kouang grows between 40 to 60cm. 

Among the names the Pa Kouang is known by in England are the Soldier Croaker, the Drum, or Greenback Jewfish. In Thailand it's called the Pla Ma, and in Cambodia it's the Trey Pama. One of the more common ways to find this fish served is smoked or dried. January to April, the dry season, is the most frequent time to catch this fish, according to Alan Davidson.

What's your favorite way to prepare this fish?

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