Monday, September 26, 2011

Lao News Week In Review

The Center for Public Integrity featured an article on UXO by Bobby Caina Calvan, "Decades after war, millions of unexploded U.S. bombs haunt Laos".  Liangkham Laphommavong, a female UXO removal technician was profiled, discussing her crew of 17 women who travel across the countryside removing the 80,000,000 unexploded US cluster bombs still left over from the war for Laos from 1964 to 1973.

The article also spoke of the experiences of Pheng Souvanthone, whose 11-year old brother was killed seven years ago. Pheng now works to remove bombs with Liangkham. A victim of UXO who survived a bombie, Ladoune is also interviewed briefly, as is Kinghpet Phimmavong, provincial coordinator for the government’s bomb clearance operations in Xieng Khouang.

Additionally, Truthdig had an article on September 24th, "DECADES-OLD BOMBS STILL A THREAT TO LAOS" which connected to the the CPI article.

Treehugger.Com has a follow-up story on the Peace Bomb bracelet project. These bracelets sell for about $40 to $140.
The Daily Pioneer featured an article, "From Laos, with Love," that addressed a series of cultural programs presented by National Art School of Laos to mark the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Laos and India.

Butch Francisco has an article, "A Trip to Laotian Deep" about his experiences as a Filipino trying to travel to Laos in the Phillipine Star.

The Bangkok Post also posted a photo essay on Lao river life by Pornprom Sarttarbhaya.

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