Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Uncanny Magazine Year 2 Needs Your Help!

This month, Uncanny Magazine is doing its annual kickstarter and just met their minimal funding goal. They now enter into their stretch goal phase with some ambitious hopes and some great content additions if they can get to the $31,000 mark, or, as of this post, $11,000 more. 

In their debut year they demonstrated their amazing capability to bring together amazing prose, poetry and visual art to our readers reflecting diverse voices and experiences. They've created a great space for both emerging writers and established writers from around the world, and I think that's well worth supporting.  I consider them a positive and supportive space where we're seeing some amazing ideas and visions come forward. 

Among the poets whose work is anticipated for the next year are Sofia Samatar, Isabel Yap, Sonya Taaffe, and M Sereno, so I'll be looking forward to seeing what they bring in 2016. I was partiuclarly honored to have my poem, "Slices of Failues In Super Science" included in their 5th issue, and I've always found them very open to speculative work from Southeast Asian American writers in diaspora, which is a rare thing in the North American markets, frankly. 

The campaign concludes on September 10th, but as with any kickstarter campaign, contributing sooner rather than later is always helpful.


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